Fees & Policies

Lowell Dispute Resolution (LDR) handles all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediations, Arbitrations, and Settlement Conferences. Rick will usually conduct hearings at one of the counsel’s offices; but can make arrangements for other facilities if requested or appropriate. Mediations and Arbitrations are generally booked for half-day or full-day time-slots; although, Rick typically insists that cases with 4 or more parties be booked for a full-day. Settlement Conferences are generally 2-4 hours depending on complexity and are charged based on an hourly rate of $400/hour. 


Mediation and Arbitration fees include travel to King, Snohomish, Skagit, & Whatcom County hearing/conference sites as well as pre-conference telephone consultations for mediations. (Other locations require travel time fees.) Hearings/Conferences are charged as follows:

Half Day (1 hr. reading and 4 hrs. conf.)               

2 party: $900 per party

3 party: $700 per party


Full Day (1½ hr. reading and 8 hrs. conf.)

2 party: $1,700 per party

3 party: $1,250 per party

4 party: $1,000 per party

LDR reserves the right to charge for extra time (whether preparation, conference or follow-up) at $400/hour. Travel time outside the included counties is charged at $200/hour plus expenses (e.g., ferries, airplane, etc.). 

Fees and costs are billed to the attorneys in equal pro rata shares unless the parties agree to a different allocation and advise LDR accordingly. The attorneys are responsible for LDR fees.

Full deposits for the parties’ anticipated shares must be made no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled hearing/conference; or the date will be released. If the mediation/arbitration is cancelled within 7 days of the scheduled hearing/conference, the deposits will be forfeited unless LDR is able to book a replacement. If the hearing/conference is sought to be rescheduled, the deposit is not forfeited for the first rescheduling.